Thursday, 14 June 2012

Niamh Ni Charra Trio - Concert tickets and Workshop registration now available

Concert tickets and Workshop registration is was open as of yesterday, and already people are buying there tickets! Thank you!

Concert Tickets
Tickets are available for the whole family. Seating is limited to 100. Concert Advance ticket purchase:
(Note that tickets sold at the door, if available, will cost $5 more than the listed Advance fee).

Workshop Registration (free!):
The workshop situation for guitar and flute is simple. Sign up, and you get the workshop. For Niamh it is slightly more complicated. She can offer fiddle and Irish language workshops. There is a rare chance that there are enough concertina players out there that want a workshop (but I doubt it).  Depending on the demand for fiddle and Irish language, both of these workshops may occur, but this requires planning on our part, and that depends on 'your' registering and letting us know your preference so we can gauge the demand and manage the schedule.  WORKSHOPS REGISTRATION:

Hope to see many of you there!

The Niamh Ni Charra Trio tour is in part sponsored by:

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