Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What's going on in Montreal? Lots!

No surprise, really, is it? Montreal is a big bustling city with a big Irish heritage in its history. The five major links to share are:

The Comhaltas Montreal Branch, which is a very informative and well done webpage containing numerous links (including the 5 others shown here). Next, there is the Siamsa music school. They organise the monthly ceili in Montreal, and offer a lot of music instruction, and a a regular session. They are very active, and their webpage is really worth cruising. Several years ago I attended one of their ceili's and while I wasn't dancing at the time, it was a very lively affair, a great ceili band, door prizes, and a wide range of ages. I'd like to go back and check it out from the dace floor next time. For more serious academics, there is the School of Irish Canadian Studies at Concordia University. Usually, fifteen or more courses are offered annually in subjects such as History, Literature, Film, Music, Economics, Language, Theatre, Popular Culture, Theology, Irish Studies, Political Science and Geography. The School offers a Minor and a Certificate in Canadian Irish Studies, offered within the Faculty of Arts and Science, and much more! Go check it out. Next up is Cine Gael Montreal now in their 19th year of presenting Irish movies. I wonder if we can somehow get a second showing of these movies in Ottawa? Finally, there is Irish Montreal which appears to be in a similar spirit to the Irish Music Ottawa webpage, a sort of one-stop place for finding most Irish happenings in the local area. It's a well done webpage (I humbly say nicer than my own) and looks very useful. Thanks for reading.

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