Thursday, 6 January 2011

WANTED: Contributors!

Hi folks, well, it's been quite a while since the ol' blog has been updated with anything meaningful.  That's a shame, and my fault for not pushing it harder. It's a vicious cycle, with a lack of contributors (e.g. not me) the blog goes stale, readership drops off, and it becomes more and more irrelevant as time passes, and who wants to post to an unread blog? And I also don't want this blog to all about me. The Irish music scene in Ottawa, and it's enthusiasts, and practitioners, is YOU.

How do we revise this space? Simple. If you have something to say about the Irish music scene, your favourite band, your favourite new Irish cd, the last great jam you played at, or the great time you had at a conference or workshop, or you need to promote a concert, or a any relevant Irish music/art/cultural event, then you get it on this blog!  How do you do that?  Simple, again! Simply send me an email (plain text preferred), which has been at a minimum spell checked, and provide a title and any and all relevant information. Within a day, usually, I can quickly publish your piece.  If you want to be a REGULAR contributor, I can even give you more direct access to the posting of your writings. It's really simple, and it's what I want this blog to be: YOUR VOICE.

Many thanks to Clare Dwyer at CCE Ottawa for reminding people of this component of the Irish Music Ottawa web presence in the recent CCE Ottawa newsletter.

In closing, send me your stories, information, etc! We'll get it posted to the blog!


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