Friday, 28 January 2011

Irish Dance Class for January 31, 2011

The CCE Ottawa Branch teaches traditional Irish set and ceili dancing, at 194 Fourth Ave in the Glebe, each Monday at Blessed Sacrament Church Hall. Ceili's are held at the same location one Saturday each month. The cost for the dance classes CCE members and non members is $7.00 per night. Instruction is supportive and all levels of experience are welcome. No partner required. Bring a container of water for breaks.

The next dance that we will do is the Paris Set. There are 2 different starting links for this dance.  For Figures 1 and two go to here. This group is dancing at a fancy dinner dance and you will get an idea of the pattern. For figures 3, 4 and 5, look for the Pat Ryan workshop versions. Start here and then the others will come up. Pat is calling the dance and is dancing in the 1st top position… the picture is clear… no fancy footwork just a nice clear picture of the set. We will try do Claddagh (Figure 3) once each class night until the March ceili. Here is a version of the Claddagh with nice footwork that we can work on.  For a version without nicer footwork, go here.

Further information on CCE Ottawa is found at the following link:

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