Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Masters of the Celtic Harp: Workshops & Concert - 6-7 April 2018


Two of the Foremost Harpers of Ireland and Scotland Together
Gráinne Hambly & William Jackson: Two Sides of Celtic
in Ottawa, April 6-7,2018


Date: Friday April 6, 2018
Location: Nepean Creative Arts Centre, 35 Stafford Rd, in Bells Corners (plenty of free parking)
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: $22 at the door, or through eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/masters-of-the-celtic-harp-direct-from-ireland-tickets-42368818276

WORKSHOPS (suitable for harpists with 1+yrs experience)

Date: Saturday April 7, 2018
Location: Nepean Creative Arts Centre, 35 Stafford Rd, in Bells Corners (plenty of free parking)
Times: 10-11:30am Grainne Hambly (The Jig is Up)
12:30-2pm William Jackson (Blind Harpers: who was Rory Dall)
2:30-4pm Grainne Hambly (Irish Traditional Dance Music)

Tickets: $40 for 1 workshop, $70 for 2 workshops, $100 for all 3 workshops
REGISTRATION: To register for the workshops (or workshops AND concert), please print off this PDF and send it back to me, either by scanning/attaching, or by regular mail. Payment can be done by e-transfer or cheque. All of this information can be found on the PDF, as well as on my website: http://www.susantoman.com/related-events.html

* Registration deadline is March 25, 2018

Find out more about the artists here:

Biographies: http://www.harpagency.com/artist1.htm
Interview with the artists: http://irishphiladelphia.com/2007/12/interview-with-harpers-grainne-hambly-and-billy-jackson/


The Jig is Up: There's nothing that says Irish so much as the sound of a jig. Yet getting that "lilt" is a nuance that escapes many players just reading eighth notes on sheet music. Learn a jig or two from a master player and find out how to get the lightness and lift into your playing.

Blind Harpers: who was Rory Dall? A look at the music attributed to the 17th century blind harpers Rory Dall Morrison of Scotland and Rory Dall O'Catháin (Roger O'Keane ) of Ireland, and the confusion over the authorship of their compositions. Their music is very different than that of O'Carolan, probably the best-known, today, of the blind harpers.

Irish Traditional Dance Music: An Introduction to Ornamentation and Arranging: Learn about the different types of ornamentation used in Irish music, how to play them, and how to apply them to a basic melody. Some approaches to creating interesting and stylistically appropriate arrangements will also be covered. The difference between how dance tunes are notated and how they should be played will also be discussed.

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