Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Now Playing: Fly Me to the Moon (GCTC) until 18 November 2012

Fly Me to the Moon is currently playing at the Great Canadian Theatre Company, Wellington at Parkdale.  Another fine productions from director John P. Kelly of SevenThirty Productions.

Have you ever had a workday go from bad to worse? Francis and Loretta are home care workers in Belfast. They take care of an elderly man named Davy, who has a passion for Frank Sinatra and playing the ponies. When Davy dies in the loo, Francis and Loretta tell one lie that leads to another and another... and then another. An attempt to beat the system throws them headlong into an excruciating – yet hilarious – wild ride. A black comedy with an Irish twist by the author of the hit play Stones in his Pockets.

"Ellis and MacDonald both give terrifically comedic performances." - The Ottawa Citizen

"Very fun. Very funny. The most fun comedy so far this season." - Production Ottawa

"This is comedic acting at its best, and with an edge." - North County Public Radio

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