Thursday, 8 November 2012

Irish Movie: "Silence" playing Thursday 15 Nov 2012

This year's edition of the European Union Film Festival returns on November 15th, and continues until December 2nd. The opening feature for the Canadian Film Institute's 27th European Union Film Festival, the Irish made movie, Silence.

Silence, directed by Pat Collins, was released in Ireland this year (2012), and has a length of 84 minutes, and is filmed in English. The film starts at 9:00 PM in the main auditorium. Non-members $12.

As described on the Canadian Film Institute's webpage:
Eoghan is a Berlin-based sound recordist who is returning to Ireland for the first time in 15 years. His reason for returning is a job offer: to find and record places free from man-made sound. His quest takes him away from towns and villages into remote Irish terrain. On his journey, he encounters a number of people who in their different ways prompt him to ponder the facts and silences of his own life. Meditative, poetic, and visually (and sonically) stunning, Silence unfolds with a quiet intensity, dramatically exploring themes of sound and silence, history, memory and exile. Having just had its world premiere at the London Film Festival, this is the Canadian premiere of Pat Collins's latest — and extraordinary — work.
All screenings are presented at the Auditorium of 395 Wellington St., Ottawa (Library and Archives Canada building).

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