Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Bollox (!) - digitally re-releases album

Not one day from giving notice that The Mahones are playing Ottawa, do I receive yet another 'Celtic-punk' piece of news. I found this band on iTunes and gave the tune samples a listen. Actually, this band is pretty good. I recommend them to the young and the progressive out there who want another angle on the old music.

My own introduction to traditional music appreciation was through modern bands like Figgy Duff, Rawlins Cross and then, thankfully, seeing Paddy Keenan live in a St. John's pub as he was re-establshing his recording career with Na Keen Affair. In this respect, we need to accept that music which is not strictly in the tradition may be a 'gateway drug' to the harder stuff (more traditional that is) for the younger crowd. And we need the younger crowd to buy in to help keep it alive.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Celtic punk rock band, The Bollox, digitally re-releases album.

February 5th, 2012 -- After more than a year of being unavailable for digital purchase, Celtic punk rock band The Bollox re-releases their self titled album on all major online music retailers. First released in March of 2009, the album contains 11 songs that capture the spirit and energy of Ireland through the eyes of an Irish immigrant. It received rapturous reviews and an outstanding response from the general public.

The album was co-written by members Keith Walker (also from the bands Power of Dreams and Sister Cities) and Jason Devore (also from the band Authority Zero). One year after the release of the album, members of The Bollox went their separate ways due to commitments with other music projects. As a result the album was no longer available online for purchase. Due to overwhelming demand for the album to be re-released, Walker and Devore decided it was time to make it available once again.

"Jason and I are very proud of this album and we hope it reaches fans of Celtic, folk, and punk music far and wide." says Walker.

The album is currently available for purchase on Itunes, Amazon, and other major online stores.

Keith Walker - keithwalkerireland@yahoo.com

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