Friday, 7 October 2011

The Guard - Bytowne Cinema - 7-13 October

Now playing at the Bytowne Cinema, Rideau St., Ottawa. Irish cinema! 

Popping with glorious, bright colour and off-colour jokes, The Guard is an Irish comedy and almost incidental thriller, though mostly it’s something of a bait and switch. The tasty bait (and reluctant buddies) are Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle, two of the best utility players in contemporary English-language cinema. Alone or together, they can be reason to see any movie. Even when they’ve been self-consciously set off against each other for maximum quirk, as they are here, these are performers who can dig a little deeper than their material. More description at the Bytowne site.

Directed by:
John Michael McDonagh
Screenplay by:
John Michael McDonagh
Brendan Gleeson
Don Cheadle
Mark Strong
Liam Cunningham
David Wilmot
Fionnula Flanagan
96 min.

Rated 14A; Coarse Language, Sexual Content, Violence.
Official site:

Fri, Oct 7, 9:15pm
Sat, Oct 8, 4:45pm
Sat, Oct 8, 6:55pm
Sun, Oct 9, 7:00pm
Mon, Oct 10, 2:00pm
Mon, Oct 10, 8:30pm
Tue, Oct 11, 6:50pm
Wed, Oct 12, 6:50pm
Thu, Oct 13, 4:45pm
Thu, Oct 13, 9:10pm

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