Tuesday, 1 March 2011

CCE Eastern Regional Board, Fourth Annual Feile Cheoil Competition (Toronto)

St. Paul's School
80 Sackville Street
Toronto, ON M5A 3E5
(Corner of Sackville & Queen Street)
Saturday, April 9, 2011
Commencing at 10:00 am

This competition is open to all amateur performers. Our aim is to encourage people of all ages to participate in the rich culture of traditional music, song and dance.

Ena O'Brien

Entry Secretary
Heather Corby
43 Brookmount Road
Toronto, ON M4L 3N3
Enquiries: hmckay43@hotmail.com

1. All competitions are open to competitors who meet the requirements listed below.
2. You may enter in as many competitions as eligible.
3. A satisfactory standard is necessary for any competition.
4. In solo competitions, a competitor must compete in own age group only. In duets, trios, etc, competitors may compete only once in any age group of any of the aforementioned competitions. A competitor may also compete in a higher age group. In competitions for duets and trios, all members must at all times play the melody of the tune.
5. In duets – over 18, two different instruments must be played, and in trios over 18, at least two different instruments must be played.
6. No communication with the adjudicator is permitted before or during the competition, except through the steward (stage hand).

Categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Competitions 15 and over to commence at 1:00 p.m. approximately. Please check in ½ hour prior to competition.

Classes of Music
Air (slow or lively), Reel, Polka, Hornpipe, Jig (double, single, slip), Slide, Set Dance, March, Barn Dance
(Age as of January 1, 2011)
Under 12 Age 12 – Under 15
Age 15 – Under 18 Age 18 & over

Solo Competitions
Beginner all ages Two tunes from any class
Intermediate all ages Three tunes from three of the classes
Advanced all ages Four tunes from four of the classes
Fiddle, tin whistle, concert flute, and uilleann pipes only can include a slow air.

Only set dancing will be performed, as per the North American Dance Teachers' Association regulations. Ages may vary in the dancing groups. Groups may consist of four or eight competitors. Clarification on ages for these groups may be obtained through enquiries prior to completing entry form. Two figures will be danced from any set.

• Fiddle
• Accordion (button/piano)
• Piano
• Concert flute
• Tin whistle
• Concertina
• Uilleann Pipes
• Harp
• Banjo
• Mandolin
• Bodhran (solo competition only)
*(Music will be provided for bodhran competition)
Duets,Trios & Quartets
Beginner –One tune
Intermediate – Two Tunes.
Advanced – Three Tunes
No drums or bodhrans as part of duets or trios.

Ceili Bands: Minimum of five members. Requirement – two jigs, two reels, two hornpipes. Exceptions can be made.

Grúpaí Cheoil (Music Group) Minimum four members – maximum ten. Requirement – two jigs, two reels.

Solo Traditional Singing
Beginner any age – One traditional song (English or Gaelic)
Advanced/Intermediate any age – Two traditional songs (English or Gaelic)

Competition Fees
$10 each entrant for solo, duet or trio competitions
$10 each entrant for set dances and singing competitions
Maximum per competitor is $25.00
(example Competitor entered into a solo, duet and singing competition will be charged $25.00)

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