Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Top 30 Celtic Culture Blogs - IMO included!

I was humbled to receive the following email from a theologian in Ohio:

I just posted the article, "Tales from the Past and Dreams for the Future: The Top 30 Celtic Culture Blogs" ( ) on my site. I'm happy to tell you that your website has been included in the list. I thought I'd email you about it in case you think your readers would find the article interesting enough to warrant you giving the article a quick mention on your site.

Tim Dalton

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Many sincere thanks to Tim for his generous words. My initial glance at his list of top blogs appears to show at least 29 great blogs on Irish culture. Please check out his informative article, and explore Irish culture via his linked blogs. Unrelated to Irish culture, I really enjoyed this piece of research on Tim's blog. : )

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