Sunday, 12 August 2007

A Mountain Road, and a Trad Session

In this post are two pictures I took in, and near, Colorado Springs. The road is the Pike's Peak Highway which peaks at 14,110 ft above sea level. It was the venue for the 85th edition of a famous motorsport race (only the Indy 500 is an older race, in the USA). The pub shot is taken at a session at Jack Quinn's Pub (very nice pub, good grub, and they had Murphy's!) in Colorado Springs at the regular Sunday afternoon session. I learned of the session at Finally, after 6 days living at 6500 ft altitude, two pints didn't practically drop me to the floor! The instrumentation was the usual fiddles, bodhrans, flute, guitar, and a seasoned highland piper turned newbie uillean piper. This fellow also played some Border Pipes, which I'd never seen or heard before. They are quite interesting, sounding more or less like highland pipes, but much quieter and played with a bellows as with uillean pipes, and no design for regulators. This session has apparently recorded a cd and accept tips (monetary, that is). All in all, a nice bunch of folks and a friendly session.

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