Monday, 27 August 2007

Huge Outdoor Tin Whistle Workshop Takes Place

On August 19, at the Ottawa Folk Festival, Britannia Park, Ottawa, myself and about 200 other people were educated, entertained, and enthralled even, by Andy Daub and his teachings in the ways of tin whistle wisdom and technique. The Ottawa Folklore Centre, where Andy can normally be found teaching a variety of instruments, sponsored the workshop by providing a FREE Clarke Meg tin whistle to ANYBODY that wanted one. Andy managed to keep his sanity with 200 whistles wailing away from people of all ages in front of him. Andy covered the basic scale, covering the holes properly, blowing properly, cuts, taps, and rolls! No doubt some people retained more than others, but nonetheless a fantastic introduction to the mass public about an affordable entry into Irish traditional music. I had a total blast. Craig.

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