Sunday, 19 November 2017

Ireland's National Card Game, "25", play in Ottawa!

Bit late posting this, with apologies, but you too can play, or learn to play the Irish card game "25". The games are currently held once a month, 3rd Sunday, at Brigid's Well Pub, a pub that is quickly becoming synonymous with all authentic things and events that are Irish in Ottawa.

The 25 Game days are organised by Austin Comerton, of Irish Radio Canada. Keep abreast of the schedule, or changes to, by visiting Irish Radio Canada's Event page. Another key resource for Irish events in Ottawa.

"The Gaelic Hour," formerly a fixture on Ottawa's multilingual community CHIN Radio, and hosted by Austin Comerton, has now gone global with a 24/7 livestream of music and a variety of interesting shows to please many tastes. So please give it a listen!

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