Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Concert: Maja Kjær Jacobsen & David Boulanger: Wed 10 May 2017

A superb concert coming up with Maja Kjær Jacobsen & David Boulanger at the Southminster United Church, 15 Aylmer Ave. (Bank St. at the canal)

Tickets and info can be found at http://www.ottawacontra.ca/view/?concert

Doors open 7:30, music at 8PM.

A concert with Maja & David is a powerful performance of pure fearlessness, virtuosity and musical personality.

Maja & David are known for their phenomenal contact on stage, and they possess the ability to create an intense atmosphere around their music. The soundscape moves from only one fiddle, to sounding like a whole fiddle quartet with percussion and a lead singer.

The duo’s most recent CD “CPH-Café-YUL” came out in May 2015, and two years after the debut “NORD”, released in June 2013, time and touring have added more layers to the soundscape. They both sing more; David plays Jaw Harp to Maja’s composition “Après Apéro” and harmonica on his own Québécois song “Quel Triste Sort”; Maja appears more on the Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle as well as adding foot stomping on several tracks. The result is a wholehearted and well-matured unity between Maja Kjær Jacobsen’s and David Boulanger’s musical backgrounds.

Maja Kjær Jacobsen | Denmark
Fiddle (GDAE), Hardanger Fiddle ( BEBF#, 8-stringed fiddle from Norway), and song.
As the daughter of a singer and guitarist, the path to becoming a musician herself lay very close. At age 14 she took up the fiddle, with great inspiration from the fiddlers performing at festivals such as Tønder Festival (Denmark) where Maja has been coming since she was 8 years old.

David Boulanger | Québec
Fiddles (AEAE/ADA E/GDAE), jaw harp, harmonica, percussive foot-tapping, song.
David is best known as a member of the legendary Québécois folk  big band "La Bottine Souriante", which has been touring the world for almost 40 years now.

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