Thursday, 23 October 2014

The East Pointers - Sunday 26 Oct 2014 - at The Daily Grind, 8-11 PM

Hello readers, I am recommending you go to The Daily Grind, 601 Somerset St., on Sunday night to see and hear the musical talents of The East Pointers, an extremely talented traditional music group from Prince Edward Island. This is a trio comprised  of banjoist Koady Chaisson, fiddle player Tim Chaisson, and guitarist Jake Charron.

The cousins Chaisson hail from Prince Edward Island, Canada, part of the sixth generation of a heralded legacy of fiddlers and folk musicians. Tim tours the world as a performer/songwriter with a pop and country-tinged take on contemporary folk, with Koady often at his side or supporting other touring trad acts with his banjo, bass, and six-string. Jake, on the other hand, is based in Ontario and has strummed, plucked, and played piano alongside a laundry list of award-winning performers from around the globe.

Please check out their website, and give the tunes a listen. Their new album (are they still called albums?) is available on iTunes for a mere $5.94.

If you're in doubt, I leave you with a link to a great video of the boys in concert. CLICK HERE for AWESOMENESS.


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