Thursday, 24 April 2014

Concert: Bring on Spring! Teresa Doyle and Acacia Lyra - 3 May 2014, 8 PM

Juno-nominated P.E.I. singer Teresa Doyle meets Ottawa Celtic Harp Duo Acacia Lyra, for an evening of unique and colourful musical travels around the world!

As harpers, Acacia Lyra duo partners Susan and Janine are keepers of traditional ballads handed down through the ages. But they also open the windows of their ancient castles and lofty halls to allow fresh aires into their repertoire. Their compositions are a reflection of the duo’s Irish heritage as well as their Canadian experience of pristine lakes and snowy landscapes. Most recently Janine, who has been living part-time in Iqaluit, Nunavut, has been influenced by the haunting allure of the far
North and the beauty of Inuit culture. Susan tends to look southward for inspiration, with thoughts of swaying palm trees and Latin rhythms. The two are the best of friends, musically and otherwise

Teresa is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and vocal explorer with eleven recordings under her belt. She is continuously experimenting with new vocal colours and textures from different cultures. Her repertoire reflects her journeys around the world while remaining rooted in the Celtic music and stories of her native Prince Edward Island.

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