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Returning to Our Roots: The Chris Langan Traditional Irish Music Weekend - 18 January 2014

The Chris Langan Traditional Irish Music Weekend has been an integral part of the Irish cultural scene in Toronto for the past 23 years. Despite recent changes to the organization and funding of this event, we are pleased to announce that a celebration of Chris Langan’s life and influence will be taking place on the weekend of Saturday January 18th, 2014.

As many of you know, the previous Chris Langan Weekend Committee stepped down on October 31st 2013. We commend them for their hard work and look forward to their continued support as we re-launch and revitalize this event. A new committee, headed by Debbie Quigley and supported by other members of the Irish music community, has now been formed. We are working hard to reinvigorate the Chris Langan Weekend and organize this year’s festivities.

Difficult economic times have contributed to a decline in funding for the weekend and there is limited time for the new committee to organize the 2014 celebration. Despite these setbacks, we believe that it is important to bring the local Irish community together for a weekend of music and festivities. This year, we will be returning to our roots and showcasing the dynamic and ever-growing community of Irish musicians in the region. Chris Langan was a devoted and influential teacher, and we intend to honour his memory by emphasizing the fantastic teachers and students that continue to keep the Irish musical tradition alive in this city.

This year’s event will include:
- Workshops with some of Toronto’s finest musicians
- A concert which celebrates the community and showcases the city’s young talent
- A ceili with music provided by the newly formed Lansdowne (Youth) Ceili Band
- A session at Dora Keogh’s pub

To signify our fresh start, this year’s events will be held at new locations—the Emerald Isle Senior’s Centre and the LucSculpture Centre—both of which are located at Danforth and Greenwood and are easily accessible by TTC. All venues will be licenced and impromptu gatherings and sessions are encouraged. While Saturday January 18th will be the focus, we would like to round out the weekend by organizing small gatherings on Friday and Sunday as well. A detailed schedule of all events will be released in the coming weeks.

We hope that everyone will come out to show their support for the event during this difficult transitional period. With your help and participation, the committee is optimistic that we can begin to rebuild the Chris Langan Traditional Irish Music Weekend as it approaches its 25th anniversary.

The Chris Langan Weekend Committee 2013-2014:
Debbie Quigley, Patrick Ourceau, Julie Ourceau, Steafan Hannigan, Colm Murphy, Stefanie Leigh, Jared Ross, Ann Gorman-McK
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