Friday, 31 May 2013

Oireachtas Gaeilge Cheanada - A festival for the whole family, English and Irish! 28-20 June 2013

Oireachtas Gaeilge Cheanada is a weekend filled with traditional Irish music, singing, dance, story telling, and friendship. It is a celebration of the Irish language (Gaelic) and the traditional culture of that language.

The Oireachtas takes place Friday, 28 June, to Sunday, 30 June, at Gaeltacht Thuaisceart an Oileáin Úir. The Gaeltacht is located near the settlements of Tamworth and Erinsville in the rolling hills along the Salmon River, just north of Lake Ontario. The Days Inn in Kingston is the venue for accommodation, business meetings, club na féile, banquet, and awards presentations. Kingston is a 30 minute drive from the Gaeltacht.

Visit the event website for more information!


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