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Eh? Concert and Workshops Oct 19 & 20

There is an amazing opportunity for learning. Sponsored by Blue Skies in the Community. The concert will be pure magic, especially in the acoustically wonderful MERA Hall. Please come and join in the fun, bring your musical friends. Please let me know if you would like to attend.

MERA Hall is in Mcdonalds Corners. This village is about 20 min west and north of Perth Ontario. It's also called Mcdonald Corners & Elphin Recreation and Arts. It's the old schoolhouse right in the village. Call Cindy if you need directions or more information.


Two master Canadian fiddlers/multi-instrumentalists with eclectic tastes team up with a brilliant young musician (piano/5-string violin). Eh?! creates music that is at once old and new. 4 and 5-sring fiddles, voices, piano, accordion, mandolins, guitars, percussion and feet all weave their way through an Eh?! experience. Eh?! is dedicated to exploring the myriad pathways between tradition, innovation, collaboration and improvisation. Anything can happen at an Eh?! event.

Drawing from many great Canadian fiddle traditions - Québécois, Metis, Irish, Cape Breton, Newfoundland and Old Time, Eh?! is never content to let old tunes lie. Alongside their own compositions, the tunes of several generations of Canadian composers rub shoulders: Emile Benoit, Louis Boudreault, Oliver Schroer, Brian Pickel. No rosin left unscraped, no bow left unturned.

Emilyn Stam: is a young pianist and fiddler who worked closely with Oliver Schroer as a founding member of Twisted String. She is quicky being recognized as a brilliant improviser, composer and creative collaborator. She has worked with Pierre Schryer, Daniel Lapp, David Woodhead, Anne Lindsay, Bill Brennan, Casey Sokol, Soozi Schlanger and Jaron Freeman- Fox. Emilyn recently released her debut album, Holding Time – a beautiful collection of solo piano improvisations recorded in the summer of 2008.James Stephens: James is known both for his work as a performer and as a producer/recording engineer. In performance, he plays a multitude of stringed instruments with an emphasis on fiddling. He has an abiding interest in various traditional styles, and also works extensively with singer- songwriters. He was the principal songwriter in critically acclaimed pop/roots band “Fat Man Waving” and has performed with many Ottawa area singer/songwriters such as Lynn Miles, Ian Tamblyn, Melwood Cutlery, and Terry Tufts and was a member of Texas Swing group, The Black Donnellys and neo-traditional Celtic group, Six Mile Bridge. Currently, he performs with The Brian Pickell Band, Finest Kind, Ecosse (Bobby Watt, Duncan Gillis and Rob Graves), renowned clawhammer banjo player Ken Perlman, and JIIG (James, Ian Robb, Ian Clark, Greg Brown) whose self- titled CD won a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2005. James also teaches regularly at fiddle camps throughout Canada and the U.S.

Anne Lederman: Originally from Manitoba, Anne is an internationally- acclaimed fiddler, singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist strongly rooted in several musical traditions - Celtic, Métis and French-Canadian, Klezmer, Balkan and African music. Over her 30 year career, Anne has worked with such bands as Muddy York, The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, Siyakha, and LOKA and such artists as Harry Hibbs, Margaret Christl, Don Freed, Holly Cole, Theresa Tova, Tom Leadbeater and Garnet Rogers, among others. She has her own band, Fiddlesong, and also performs with Njacko Backo and HAWP. She has recorded four CDs under her own name: Not a Mark in This World, 7 Cats, Come From Every Way and Fiddlesong. Anne also composes for theatre and her own play, Spirit of the Narrows, about the Metis fiddle tradition, was featured at the Blyth Theatre Festival in 2004 and 2005. Anne teaches traditional fiddle at the World Music Centre of the Royal Conservatory.


Anne Lederman - Piano, feet, tenor guitar, Jaw Harp, Bones, 4 & 5 string fiddles, tenor mandollin Emilyn Stam - Piano, Accordion, 5 string fiddle James Stephens - Bass, Guitar, mandolin, 4 & 5 string fiddles

Eh! Concert at MERA
Oct 19th - 7:30 to 9:30 pm
$10 at the Door.
Workshops at MERA
Oct 20th - 9 am to 5 pm
$35 includes the concert.

There will be six different disciplines. You can choose 3.

Anne Lederman:
Beginner Fiddle
Intermediate /advanced Fiddle

Emilyn Stam:
Piano accompaniment
Beginner Fiddle
Intermediate Fiddle

James Stephens:
Mandolin Techniques
Intermediate Fiddle
Advanced Fiddle

Café MERA will be providing excellent, healthy snacks, lunch and beverages for sale at the concert and workshops.

For more info or to register:
Cindy McCall

This event is Sponsored By Blue Skies In the Community & supported by MERA.

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