Monday, 2 July 2012

Celtfest Workshops for fiddle, harp, whistle and bodhran

The Almonte Celtfest is offering workshops for fiddle, harp, tin whistle and bodhran.

This year Celtfest will present a Special Workshop in Intermediate Fiddlefeaturing Cindy Thompson. Cindy Thompson grew up locally where she initially learned and competed extensively in fiddle and stepdance regionally and throughout the province. Cindy is now recognized as one of Canada's premiere combination fiddle player/stepdancers.

Celtfest 2012 will also present a Workshop in Celtic Harp with Joanne Griffin. Joanne is a retired schoolteacher who presently works as a freelance musician, teacher, arranger and publisher, and therapeutic harpist (IHTP graduate). After many years of studying piano, for which she is an accredited teacher (ARTC Piano), Joanne began exploring the harp and after 10 years of study received the 2007 Silver Medal from the Royal Conservatory of Music for the highest mark in the Grade 9 exam. She has also received a number of other awards including the New Century Harp Competition in 2007.

Have you been waiting and wondering when you would get a chance to learn how to play that tin whistle you got for Christmas or the bodhran you bought on your trip to Ireland? Introduction to the Bodhran, with Art Solomonian, will cover the basics such as how to hold the drum, how to hold and use the tipper, how to “voice” or provide texture to bodhran playing so it doesn’t sound like you’re just beating on a hollow log. Introduction to the Whistle, with Chuck Quick, will cover basic fingering, breathing technique, scales and scale exercises, and work on a couple of simple tunes to get you started (but not Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!). We are hoping to obtain extra whistles, but if you have or intend to buy one, a D whistle for the workshop is recommended. During the last 20 minutes or so of the workshop, Chuck will demonstrate the fascinating world of the Uilleann pipes, the traditional pipes of Ireland: how they’re made and how they’re played.

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