Thursday, 19 April 2012

HELP!! ..... The Bombadils

I was recently reminded of a fantastically talented troupe from Montreal, The Bombadils. I should say, they are a five-piece folk band based in Montreal. They actually originate from Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Halifax. They all met McGill University in 2009 and they are presently completing their studies in jazz and classical music. These musical influences carry over into their love of folk music which includes Québecois, Irish, and bluegrass styles. While their area of study is not folk music, I am impressed by the care and attention they give to the traditional music, and they play with great feeling and vigour.

So, why do they need our help? This group is ambitious and working hard to go places. They are currently raising funds for a new CD and tour. Depending on how much you donate, you even get cool stuff, like music, house concerts, lessons, piling your wood, and all the way up to a giraffe (hey, I'm just reporting what I read!).

If you want all the details on their pitch, I suggest you go to their fund raising page, and decide for yourself. There is a deadline, they are accepting donations until midnight 23 April (Monday night).

I hope we can lure them to Ottawa some time, at least for a house concert, or a small concert someplace.  


(Note: I receive nothing for this promotion. I do not accept any funds.)

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