Friday, 16 September 2011

Violin Master Class soon soon soon !

ATTENTION : You have until Tuesday, September 20th to make your registration !!!

Violon Trad Québec offers a master class in a weekend format for his first time! On September 23rd, 24th and 25th 2011, renowned Irish fiddle master Patrick Ourceau will come teach, share his knowledge and passion in Quebec.

Patrick Ourceau was born in France, where he discovered and started to play Irish music. In 1989 he emigrated to NYC and since 2005 has been living in Toronto. Mostly self-taught, Patrick's style was influenced early on by the discovery of the music of the legendary fiddle players Paddy Canny, Bobby Casey and Paddy Fahey.

Since the mid-eighties, Patrick has been regularly visiting Ireland and especially County Clare where he had the honor of learning directly from the masters Paddy Canny and Peter O'Loughlin. Since the mid-nineties Patrick has toured extensively and has been featured on a host of recordings.

He is in great demand as a teacher and regularly teaches both privately and at various festivals and summer schools across North America, Ireland and Mainland Europe.

For registration details and any additional information, please visit the website at

You can also contact Véronic Massé: (450) 883-3256.

Hurry! Space is limited to 25 entries! 25 lucky fiddlers!!!

Through a unique partnership with Culture Lanaudière, if you're a professional musician in the Lanaudière region, you are eligible for a grant program that allows you to participate in training at a special price. Get in touch with us to verify your eligibility!

Véronic Massé

ps - sorry for the short notice folks, only received this communication tonight!

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