Friday, 29 July 2011

Ottawa Cape Breton Session Update

Hello Everyone! Our website has been down for the last couple of days due to issues with the servers at the ISP that hosts the site. We do hope to have it back on track soon. If you need to access tunes or other information from the site send an email and we'll forward whatever you need.

July Events

NOTE: OCBS will be playing a set during the fiddle concert on Saturday afternoon at the Games between 2:30 and 3pm. Please try to be there and ready to tune up by 2:15. The sets played will be 36 and 6. Check with Brian MacLean for more info. Ernie asks that you try to manage without sheet music if you can.

July 29-30—Glengarry Highland Games: Loads of great Scottish and Cape Breton music at the games this year! The Barra MacNeils will be headlining the Friday Concert and Tattoo. Scottish Fiddling is a two-day event starting with the "Young Fiddlers' Showcase" on Friday afternoon in the air-conditioned Fiddlers' Hall in the arena. The show starts at 2:00 pm and will feature young musicians from Glengarry and surrounding area. The afternoon will conclude with a performance by the Massed Fiddlers at 5:30 pm as they warm-up before taking to the main stage where they will perform at 6:15 pm in the Pre-Games Tattoo . On Saturday morning in the Fiddlers' Hall of the arena, there will be two Scottish fiddle workshops. This year we welcome well known and popular Nova Scotian fiddler, Stan Chapman. He has taught the Cape Breton Fiddle Style to many students through private lessons; in addition, he has done workshops in both Canada and the U.S. and summer sessions at the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts in St. Ann's, Cape Breton. He has conducted fiddle groups including the Cape Breton Fiddlers Association and is currently a part time Lecturer in Heritage and Culture at Cape Breton University in Sydney, N.S.. Fiddlers are invited to bring their fiddles and music stands and take an active part in one or both sessions ( 9 am and 10:15 am). Scottish fiddling will continue in the arena hall on Saturday afternoon. The Glengarry Strathspey & Reel Society will open the program at 2:00 pm and from then until the massed fiddlers at closing, you will be able to tap your toes and clap your hands to the traditional music of Glengarry. Local and visiting fiddlers and pianists will entertain with jigs, reels and strathspeys, etc. until 5 pm. Come and enjoy!

July 31—Fifth Sunday: What, you didn't get enough fiddling on Friday and Saturday?! Two whole days of Scottish fiddle at Glengarry? We have an addiction counsellor you may want to contact, one who specializes in fiddle addictions.

Aug 7 —Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren.

Aug 14 —House Session: 2pm-5pm -Volunteer Hosts Needed!

Aug 21 —Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren.

Aug 28 —House Session: 2pm-5pm -Volunteer Hosts Needed!

Sep 4 —Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren.

Sep 11 —House Session: 2pm-5pm -Volunteer Hosts Needed!

Sep 18 —Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren.

Sep 25 —House Session: 2pm-5pm -Volunteer Hosts Needed!

Oct 2 —Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren.

Oct 9 —House Session: 2pm-5pm -Thanksgiving Sunday. Give thanks for family, friends and music!

Oct 16 —Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren.

Oct 23 —House Session: 2pm-5pm -Volunteer Hosts Needed!

Oct 30 —Fifth Sunday: TBA

LOOKING AHEAD: Ottawa Cape Breton Session will be presenting a fall fiddle and piano workshop and square dance with Cape Breton musicians Dara Smith-MacDonald and Adam Young. Saturday afternoon workshops, Saturday evening square dance and Friday night house concert. Details coming soon!

How to Host a House Session: All you need is a space big enough to put 6-8 fiddlers in, some chairs without arms, and a willingness to listen to the same tune played over and over again as we practice. If you have a piano let us know, otherwise we'll bring our own keyboard. We can also bring folding chairs. Sessions are BYOB but usually the hosts provide some non-alcoholic beverages and a little something for snack time. Interested? Talk to Aylene or Beth or send an email to

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