Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Danu and You!

Yes!! Danu is coming to Ottawa Dec 10 at the National Irish Canadian Cultural Centre! You should all know by now that is the former St. Brigid's church near the market. While this is mostly old news (at least a week or two old), I thought I had better mention it on the ol' blog. The Gaelic Hour's Austin Comerton is bringing in this 'powerhouse' of Irish traditional music and song for a Christmas concert. I have long wanted to see Danu. Their musicianship is inspiring. If I understand correctly they played Ottawa prior to my renewed interest in Irish trad., and I've been kicking myself for missing any Irish gig in Ottawa since 1999 to 2006. Visit the Gaelic Hour webpage for details on this fine concert that must not be missed. Please support these traditional gigs, it supports the artists and encourages more gigs!

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Anonymous said...

I saw Danu play in Smiths Falls last Sunday and I was totally amazed with how good they were live. Such skill, and very funny too!
My only question is where was the bodhran player? but still, I'm so happy they came to my home town.
I hope everyone enjoyed the Ottawa show!

- Kyle