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6th Annual Russell CelticFest - 16 June 2012

Here is the lineup for the 6th Annual Russell CelticFest!

Ashley MacLeod Ashley is from Dalkeith, Ontario, in the county of Glengarry, a hotbed of Scottish culture in Canada and home of the well-known Glengarry Highland Games.

Lobster Porsche Naughty BitsThe Lobster Porsche Naughty Bits, affectionately known as the “Naughty Bits” or “The Bits” by its fans, came together in the winter of 2010 as a group of musicians set on playing some East Coast music for a down-homer themed event taking place at Club 100 in the Ayr Mess (CFB North Bay Ontario)

Bang On The Ear Born Out of the Foothills of Glengarry County, Ontario, a small Eastern Ontario community, rich in Scottish & Irish heritage. The Group formed in early 2006, performing for the first time at the wedding reception for Bradley & Michelle McMillan themselves. Playing and writing Original music, as well as performing you’re traditional Irish, Scottish / Pub songs, they built a strong following placing emphasis on combining the sounds of traditional Celtic music and fusing it with rock, Canadian east coast folk, and that Glengarry County Music Sound, that has made the area so popular.

Riverthieves is an established, exciting fiddle-based band on the Eastern Ontario folk/roots scene since 2003. Playing a widely diverse range of styles, Riverthieves showcases Canadian party-folk music. Despite an occasional nod to Ireland or the UK, an evening with Riverthieves is a journey of Canadian songwriting from out West to up North, followed by a jaunt down both shores of the Ottawa River with a full stop down East.

Streets of Hastings Formed by the original three hooligans - Phil Alexander, Jason "Trucker" Bedard, & Larry "Peyts" Peyton - in November 2009, the newly formed band agreed on an informal verbal constitution... a set of principles and rules by which the band was to be guided, which included staying grounded, having fun and getting the crowd involved with their live performances.

The Wayward Sound. Jam sessions, and one fateful party at the Old Schoolhouse in Moose Creek brought together a bunch of friends who started playing celtic music in and around Ottawa. After many parties, a few festivals, and new musical influences, The Wayward Sound coalesced early in 2011. A zany blend of Traditional Celtic and Modern Folk music will have you out of your seats singing and dancing in no time.

Herringbone Herringbone was born around a campfire at Fitzroy Harbour just west of Ottawa. Late one warm August night, Richard was camping and had just put his kids to bed. Sitting around the campfire with his guitar, he called Andre on his cell looking for some harmony. An hour later they started an all nighter, jamming from each others' folk repertoire, along with roasted marshmallows and a few pints.

Brandy 'N' Port The band Brandy 'N' Port was born in April, 1987. The founding members are Alec Long, Paddy Maher and Danny Byrne. Today's line up is Alec Long, Al Wilmore, Seamus Costello & Danny Byrne. The band's philosophy is still the same as when it was formed, to play music that appeals to the masses while sticking to their Celtic roots.

For a full day of entertainment:
Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the gate.
Children under 10 year are free.

For more information go to the festival website:

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