Monday, 12 December 2011

Stairwell Carollers - Great blog for Christmas in Ottawa

Of course, it's a great blog at all times of the year, but particularly now as we approach Christmas it should be on your blog reading list.

Here is some key information to whet your appetite, before you go and devour their blog with your reading senses:

The Stairwell Carollers are a charitable a cappella Ottawa choir, who sing sacred and secular renaissance music, as well as settings of traditional and contemporary Christmas carols.
Winner of the 2010 OMFA provincial competition, this non-profit group has raised over $40,000 for local Ottawa/Gatineau charities,through the sale of concert tickets, CDs and cookbooks.
Recently winning 2nd place in the National Music Festival 2010, they are now ranked amongst the best of Canada's choirs.
Written by Holly Massie, one of the founding members, this Blog trains a magnifying glass on the 35 year life of our charitable choir, The Stairwell Carollers.
Occasional posts will be on related topics and local events, but most content is original -- focused on the Stairwell Carollers genesis and continuity.
It is a lovely looking blog with all sorts of videos, and information on their cds.

You can also follow them on Twitter: @StairwellChoir

or RSS feed, or Podcast....!

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Holly M said...

Thanks for the support and generous compliments. I'll try to live up to your praise!

Holly M
The Stairwell Carollers