Thursday, 20 October 2011

Paddy Keenan with Andy Hillhouse Concert tickets - now on sale!

Until the concert is past, the main Irish Music Ottawa webpage will tease you with information about the Paddy Keenan concert on 26 November, at the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 30 Cleary Ave, about 1 km west of Westboro Village. The webpage will direct you to the ONLINE ticket sales, which are heavily discounted compared to the 'At the Door' price of $25. I encourage you to buy the advance tickets (way better for my stress!). Students have it really good this time, at only $15 (and IMO absorbs the transaction fees). Also, if you have kids 12 and younger, they get in for FREE. The concert space is quite nice, and it's a formal concert, so all concert goers will appreciate parental control over your excited kids while the music is playing. I just thought it was time to encourage young kids to hear some great live Irish traditional music, and as a side benefit give the parents a break from arranging and paying for babysitters. I have tried in the past to arrange food and drinks for the break during the concert, but to make a long story short, it's difficult, so make sure you have a meal beforehand. You brain will be firing on all cylinders once Paddy fires up 'the octopus' and Irish whistles - you're going to need the energy.

I can't stress enough that Irish Music Ottawa is a not-for-profit and entirely volunteer driven endeavour. These concerts cost 'real money,' and I strive to bring you top notch entertainment within my humble means. I hope that you will help me spread the word about attending this fantastic evening of Irish traditional music, song, and humour. Successful concerts breed MORE concerts. I can't be any more honest with you than that. It's really that simple.

Thank you!

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